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Words are indeed powerful. Artists have the ability to influence the masses with just a few strokes of the pen. A study by All Home Connections, an authorized AT&T retailer, showed a ranking of musicians by the percentage of explicit language used in their songs with DaBaby reaching the top of their list.

Unless you’re a parent of young children who instantly turns on Kids Bop when you get in the car, you would never stop to consider how common swearing has become in music. The study ranked musicians by the percentage of curse words per word in their songs and fans would be astonished at which artists does the most sh*t talking.

DaBaby made it at number one with this methodology. The millions of fans who consumed his hits like “Rockstar” or “Suge” understand just how much of a potty mouth DaBaby has with 4.5% of his lyrics using profane language. Though the percentage sounds low, he cursed nearly 3,000 times within his top-charting songs by actual word count.

While Harry Styles has never sworn in any of his songs. Literally, zero times. The study shows that Taylor Swift curses more than Styles at 150 times across her top tracks, while it found zero curse words in Harry Styles lyrics.

Grammy award-winner Megan Thee Stallion wasn’t too far behind DaBaby with 4.37% of her lyrics containing language you would not play with your young children or in front of your grandparents. Doja Cat joins Megan Thee Stallion as the only two female artists on the list of artists who cursed the most.

All Home Connections dug through Spotify’s top 200 most played songs from the past year to see which of the most popular musicians musicians are swearing the most and the least. DaBaby sits at the top of the list while Lil Baby falls at the bottom with just 2.24% of profane language used. Take a look at their list from most swearing to the least:

Artists Ranking List For Profane Language

Source: ATT All Home Connections / All Home Connections

Fans may be surprised Future isn’t higher up on the list of artists who cursed the most. The study found that while Future had the most swear words at 3,254, overall, his swearing only made up 2.69% of his lyrics. J. Cole actually follows closely behind at 3,247 swear words, making up 2.64% of his lyrics overall.

Here is a list of the top music artists who curse the least starting with Harry Styles:

Artists Ranking List For Profane Language

Source: ATT All Home Connections / All Home Connections

It’s pretty impressive to see the artists who don’t rely heavily on profane language to tell stories in their songwriting. The use of language in music is interesting. The 28 artists included in All Home Connections list accounted for a combined 21,324 curse words across all of their songs, so it looks like artist won’t stop cursing anytime soon.

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