Another week of “Euphoria” brings another week of questions, surprises and outrage.

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Per usual, watching this week’s episode of “Euphoria” was an emotional roller coaster. “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood,” picks up right where the insane episode from last week ended, with Rue hitting her rock bottom. It’s revealed that she has been to the hospital since one of her worst days ever, has been given medication to help her fight the withdrawals she’s dealing with, and is once again focusing on getting clean.

During a powerful opening scene where Rue is struggling to open a Jolly Rancher, she recalls the terrible things she’s said to not only her mother but also her sponsor, Ali. Rue calls him and apologizes to him and he forgives her. Ali comes over to the Bennett’s home and makes dinner for the family, with help from Gia. As they cook, Ali and Gia have a conversation where he explains that it is okay to be mad at Rue for her actions. Afterward, the four of them share dinner and some very much-needed conversation. Rue assures everyone that she wants to be clean which is met with skepticism from her younger sister. Later that night, just as it seems that things are about to start changing for Rue, we hear her mother Leslie on the phone with a clinic, who apparently won’t accept Rue.

Elsewhere in the show, we catch up with the crazy love triangle that is Nate, Maddy and Cassie. All three characters deal with the situation in their own individual ways.

Cassie’s downward spiral continues. She is in a state of depression and has not stopped calling Nate since the news of their creeping broke. She gets into multiple heated discussions with her mother and Lexi trying to explain herself and her side of the story. It gets so bad at one point that Cassie mentions that she’s suicidal and takes a wine opener to her wrists, although her mother and sister find her before she can do anything drastic.

Euphoria Production Stills

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Maddy is angry over Nate and Cassie’s betrayal. She contemplates her next moves towards her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend.

She ends up talking about the situation with the mother of the kid she babysits, Samantha. Samantha shares with Maddie that she was once in Cassie’s shoes as a friend who slept with their best friend’s boyfriend. She explains that the situation that Maddy is going through is perfectly normal for her age.

Maddy arrives home to Nate sitting in her room with his father’s gun. Nate asks Maddy about the tape that she has of his father and she tries to act as if she doesn’t know what he’s referring to. This leads to Nate climbing on top of her, loading the gun with a single round, and playing Russian Roulette. He pulls the trigger twice which causes Maddy to break down and admit that the CD is in her purse. After grabbing the tape, Nate tries to make amends by telling her he was “just kidding.” He then makes his way over to Jules’ house.

After Jules reluctantly agrees to meet Nate outside her house, he apologizes for previously manipulating her and eventually gives her the CD. She’s shocked to learn that her encounter with his father was filmed and immediately asks who else has seen the footage. She seems a little reassured once he tells her that this is the only copy that he knows of. He also tells her that everything he ever said to her was true and she echoes the same.

Nate’s last move of the night is to go pick up Cassie. He tells her to pack a bag and be ready and of course, she obliges. Nate had one more exchange worth noting this episode and it came with his mother, who seems to be ecstatic that her husband has left them. The two discussed Cal, Nate’s upbringing, how he became so flawed, and that she preferred Cassie over Maddy.

Euphoria Production Stills

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Other highlights of the episode include Kat breaking up with her boyfriend Ethan (or Ethan breaking up with her depending on how you look at it). She uses the excuse that she has a terminal brain disorder, which does not go over well. That relationship has ended, but did we see the beginning of another one? It would seem so.

Lexi visits Fezco at his apartment to get advice on if she should go through with her school play or not, citing that it might hurt people’s feelings. He explains that “Everyone gets their feelings hurt. Some people need to get their feeling hurt sometimes.” The two bond over a movie and hold hands. While that interaction was good, there might be one coming that won’t be for the fan-favorite and his little brother, Ashtray. Mouse’s murder is in question and Custer tells Faye that he is cooperating with the cops to solve it.

Will Fez and Ashtray get arrested? Will Rue actually try to stay clean? How long will Nate and Cassie last? What’s next for Maddy? This episode left us with a lot of questions and anticipation for next week’s episode but here are some reactions from fans after Episode 6:

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