‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ Stars Speak On The Allure Of Amandla Stenberg In And Out Of Character

A24 And Rooftop Films' "Bodies Bodies Bodies" New York Screening

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Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with the stars of A24’s new Gen Z slasher flick ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies,’Amandla Stenberg, Myha’la Herrold and Maria Bakalova about their love triangle in the movie and specifically what about the character Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) made her so irresistible.

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We also chatted with the ladies about the use of contemporary buzzwords in the script and were treated to them re-enacting some of their favorite moments from the film.

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We really LOVED how they got so into the dialogue from the script. They ended up basically running their lines for us! Do you have favorite lines from this movie? How about from your favorite movie? What are your favorite Gen Z buzzwords?

‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is in theatres now

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