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Netflix 'Buy My House'

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netflix

Netflix’s new reality television series Buy My House released an official trailer. The series follows homeowners from across America as they pitch their properties to real-estate tycoons. Buy My House is headed to the streaming platform this fall. Learn more about the series and watch the trailer below.

In the trailer, host Nina Parker shares the premise of the show’s debut season. Homeowners are given the opportunity to pitch to four real estate moguls: Glenn Kelman, Pamela Liebman, Brandon Copeland and Danisha Wrighster. Homeowners share why the investors should purchase their homes in a familiar Shark Tank-style presentation.

“Real estate in America is a trillion-dollar industry,” Parker says in the trailer. “But even in a hot market, not every house sells. So four of the world’s biggest property tycoons are cutting out the middleman.”

The clip spotlights the four potential investors, who have the option to flip, resell or hold onto and rent the houses they buy as they see fit to render a profit.

“For sellers, it means no spending months on the market,” Parker talks about the advantages of being on the show.

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman is one of the four investors featured on the show. She says, “Redfin’s goal is to help as many people as possible own the American dream.”

Danisha Wrighster is another real estate tycoon, who Parker refers to as the “single mom to self-made millionaire, one deal at a time.” Wrighster confirms, “real estate is how most millionaires are made.”

NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland is also sharing his expertise on the show. He realizes that sports and his athletic abilities won’t last forever, so he turned to real estate to make longterm investments.

“Sports don’t last forever,” Copeland says in the trailer. “So I’m looking to make money.”

Copeland is juggling both of his passions.

“I’m a venture investor, a real estate investor. I’m also chasing down your favorite quarterback on Sundays. Tell that boy to watch out,” he boasts.

Powerhouse broker Pamela Liebman is rounding out the group of real estate investors. She started with major real estate firm Corcoran Group when she was 23-years-old, and has since climbed the ladder to the top, becoming president and CEO.

“I’m a deal junkie,” Liebman declares. “Once I close a deal, I turn around and say ‘What’s next?'”

Netflix’s Buy My House is headed to the platform on September 2, 2022 with six 30-minute episodes.

Watch the official trailer for the upcoming series below: