‘Fantasy Football’ Exclusive: Omari Hardwick And Marsai Martin The Dangerous Side Of Special Powers


If you haven’t seen Fantasy Football yet, we don’t know what you’re waiting on!

Fantasy Football

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Marsai Martin And Omari Hardwick Talk About The Ups And Downs Of Fantasy Football

Global Grind’s Senior Content Director, Janeé Bolden chatted with the stars of Fantasy Football, Marsai Martin and Omari Hardwick about the chaos that ensued in the movie once their characters were given special powers via a magical version of Madden.

Omari revealed that there were scenes that didn’t make the final cut where his character can be seen becoming drunk on his power.

“I remember feeling something in me, in that take, and I remember feeling ‘This is the way people feel when they’re consumed with power,'” Hardwick told Global Grind. “It’s never really money. It’s never how long the money can take your life. It really is about influence and being able to control people. And being able to say you go left, you go right, you don’t go at all and I’m in charge. I remember feeling something inside. You can get power and go to a bad place… I think the message we must maintain throughout this movie is don’t let it get to the point that you so lose yourself that you can’t find yourself back at the place you first started. Because he loses himself.”

Marsai took a slightly different stance and defended how the game ultimately helped Omari’s character Bobby become a better father.

“I also think there’s also beauty in like, you had to lose yourself to find yourself again in a better space. Towards the end of the movie, you see him in a totally different mindset. He had to go through all the trials and experiences and the mysteriousness of the Madden game to get to that point, so now you have it all. I think that’s the dopeness behind the project. You have to get through these ups and downs to find yourself. Callie goes through her ups and downs to find herself. And finding what she wants to do in life. What she wants to be known for, what she wants to be seen as, and I think that’s important in anybody’s space. Even Anderson Fisher’s character, has to find himself to figure out what he wants to be and what that means if he loses something.”

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