‘Fantasy Football’ Exclusive: Kelly Rowland And Rome Flynn Reveal What Magical Enhancements They’d Embrace IRL


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Fantasy Football

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Global Grind chatted with Fantasy Football stars Kelly Rowland and Rome Flynn about the magical side of the movie and what powers they’d want to be enhanced if they could choose.

Kelly Rowland immediately answered, “Clone me! I’m a mom, I’m a wife. Making business moves and doing so many different things. Please clone me.’

Rome Flynn said he’d choose to be extremely smart.

“I’m smart, but make me know everything! If you ask me anything off the top of your head I could just tell you right away. That would be cool to have. I like having random, miscellaneous information.”

We also asked Kelly, who is a boy mom, about what she learned from playing the mother of a daughter.

‘I’m not ready for teens yet! That teenage moment happens so fast, that’s one, even though she’s a teenager, I still felt like that’s my baby, I got to protect her.’

Kelly and Rome also revealed a number of reasons the movie is a perfect pick for families to watch together.

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