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Last night I got into a very intense conversation with my girlfriend. Our 22-month-old son, Mateo Ali, has fallen in love with playing puzzles on the iPad…to the point where he is beginning to throw a bit of temper tantrum when we tell him that he has to go to sleep and can’t play the […]

I had just walked into the house. It was late. 11:30PM late. My girlfriend and I had marched for hours with thousands of New Yorkers in support of the family in Ferguson. I was proud of my city. Proud of my people for crying out-loud about the injustice that was the previous night’s non-indictment announcement […]

I’ve never been pulled over by the cops when I hadn’t done anything wrong.  I’ve never been asked for identification for no apparent reason.  I’ve never been stopped and frisked.  I’ve never been asked to empty my pockets. I’ve never been followed by the police so they could “run my plates.” And certainly I’ve never been […]

When Antonio French, the St. Louis Alderman who has given us an incredible first-hand account of what is happening in Ferguson through his twitter feed, was released from jail this morning, he told the media, “Our civil rights don’t stop at 9PM.” After Antonio being arrested last night for “unlawful assembly,” I felt compelled to […]

This morning, I woke up to my one year old son crying for his mama at 5:17 in the morning.  Yes, 5:17 in the morning! When I took him out of his crib, with a bottle of warm milk in hand, and laid him down in our bed, his cries intensified.  On a normal day […]

GlobalGrind's Editor-In-Chief, Michael Skolnik, responds to Donald Sterling's alleged hatred for Black people...

On behalf of the people of the United States of America, I would like to publicly apologize to the parents of Jordan Davis, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath.  Mr. Davis and Ms. McBath, we owe you our deepest regrets for the loss of your son.  We beg for your forgiveness for not protecting one of […]

I still feel it in my bones. The electricity. The power of releasing every ounce of energy in your body! The energy of Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons when the “m.A.A.d city” beat dropped (and made Taylor Swift dance uncontrollably) at the Grammy Awards still pounds in my chest. It was a hell of a […]

Richard Sherman is no thug.  Let’s just start with that. The definition of a thug is “a violent person, especially a criminal.”  Richard Sherman plays professional football in the National Football League, with no criminal record and in the process of getting his Master’s Degree from Stanford University.  So, for all of those in our […]

On the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington, thoughts from GG's EIC...

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When Trayvon Benjamin Martin was shot by a bullet through his heart, his dead body laid in the wet grass for over two and a half hours. Covered by a yellow tarp, the lifeless body of this teenage boy was comforted by nothing but his torn hoodie that had ripped apart by the heat of […]