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These days, Coachella has become just as much about fashion as it is about music. If you’re already stressing over what you’ll wear to this year’s festival in April, H&M has you covered. The fashion retailer and major music festival will collaborate for the H&M Loves Coachella collection, featuring rompers, crop tops, and wide-leg pants to name […]

No-last-name Kendall had quite a year in 2014, but this year, she might have a tough time keeping up with Cara Delevingne. Six days into 2015, and the supermodel’s portfolio is already getting a whole lot thicker with her return to Topshop as the face (and eyebrows) of its Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. This is her third go-round for the […]

When it comes to the year in style, 2014 was a memorable one to say the least. From fashion-firsts to the re-emergence of a few favorites from the 1990s, there are some moments we’ll never forget, and some that we’ll try hard to. One thing’s for sure, there are trends we’re pretty much over for the new […]

It’s not cheap being a sneakerhead nowadays. Well, it was never really cheap. But, prices for a decent pair of men’s sneakers are at an astronomical high. Just think: a major new release will run you fellas anywhere from $150 to $250. (Retros are usually a little more affordable — around the $90 to $120 mark.) […]

You checked your list, you checked it twice, and—oh crap, you forgot someone, dammit. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Although technically, the best of us have been paying attention to our weekly gift guides and have our Christmas shopping under wraps and tied with sparkly gold ribbons already. We don’t care […]

Move over no-last-name Kendall, the Wests are in the building. She might’ve been a go-to for Olivier Rousteing and one of the top models of 2014, but it’s her big sister Kim Kardashian who’s really ending this year with a bang. A Balmain army bang. Kim’s no model, but she’s keeping up with her little sister in a steamy new campaign co-starring none other […]

Holy sh*t. Don’t freak out, but there are only two weeks left of the year. You know what that means, right? There are only two weeks left for you to figure out what the heck you’re going to wear on the night of 2014’s grand finale. Your heart’s racing now, isn’t it? Well then, it’s […]

Who was the one person who’d go through hell or high water to make sure the holidays were perfect for you every year? And when we say hell or high water, we mean fight off other crazed Christmas shoppers for that damn Furby that gives you the creeps just thinking about it? Nope, it wasn’t Santa. It […]

Dear Santa, here’s a picture of everything we want for Christmas this year: more Beyoncé and a little Chanel somethin’ somethin’. We know we’re being greedy, and yes, we appreciate the couple of new tracks we got with her self-titled Platinum edition album, but one can never have too much Bey. Even she knows this—why else would she […]

No one, absolutely no one, steps out of the house with the aspiration to be the worst-dressed person around. There’s a reason why we spend way, way too long in front of the mirror making at least three outfit changes before even leaving the house. But every year, there comes a time when we forget […]

Oh, you really didn’t think Tracee Ellis Ross was about that life? Well, she totally is. The list of reasons why we love the Black-ish actress is quite lengthy, but watching her rapping persona TMurda come out every now and then on Instagram is up there at the top, after that glorious head of hair of hers. Now, […]

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas shopping for guys is no easy feat. Women know exactly what they want—they’ve known since like, July—and they have no problem telling you. Our male counterparts, on the other hand, are always clueless. That’s where we come in. Let’s face it: the fellas are less picky, meaning they’ll be […]