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Barack Obama arrives at the 'Tuttofood 2017' show

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The nation has not been the same since Barack Obama completed his final term as President of the United States.

Considering the state of America today, there are so many reasons to be grateful for having had Barry O. in our lives for eight years. Today, our forever President celebrates his 60th birthday β€” can you believe he’s 60?! β€” and from Instagram to Twitter, it seems the entire nation is taking a moment to show him some love. Of course his beautiful, smart, talented, accomplished wife Michelle had a few words for her hubby on his big day too.

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Posting a sweet photo of their family to Instagram, Mrs. Obama’s birthday message was as loving as ever. Of all of your accomplishments, I know that being a present, loving father to our girls tops them all. Thank you for never letting the weight of the world get in the way of being a wonderful husband and father. Happy 60th birthday,Β @BarackObama! πŸ’•” she wrote. See the pic below.

Check out these 14 reasons why, we too, are still thankful for Barack and join us in wishing him a happy, happy birthday! We’re kicking it off with the fact that he’s obviously an amazing #GirlDad:

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1. We’ll never forget the moment President Obama said Trayvon Martin could have been his son.

TNT Christmas In Washington 2014 Source:Getty

β€œIf I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” he said in a speech that made clear the hardships that come with being a Black parent.

2. And let’s not forget President Obama was the man behind capturing and killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

President Barack Obama in South Africa Source:Getty

3. He also rejoiced when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of protecting same-sex marriage.

Obama Attends DNC Fundraiser In Texas Source:Getty

In 2015, he said of the win that their decision “made our union a little more perfect.”

4. He always gets his hands a little dirty.

President Honors Martin Luther King, Jr With Day of Service Source:Getty

Here he is, with his daughter Sasha Obama, honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. by helping out in a community service project at the D.C Central Kitchen.

5. He was never afraid to have a good time.

President Obama Visit To Ireland - Day One Source:Getty

6. The White House was always lit and full of celebs, so we had moments like these.

Presidential Medal of Freedom Source:Getty

7. He genuinely, wholeheartedly, loves the kids.


8. Plus, he’s all about ball.

President Barack Obama welcomes 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat to the White House to honor the team on Source:Getty

Not only has he played basketball with some notable celebs, he invited the Miami Heat to the White House to celebrate their second straight championship title in 2013. Baller!

9. He made two of our favorite players the happiest men on Earth.

President Barack Obama welcomes 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat to the White House to honor the team on Source:Getty

We bet they’re thankful too.

10. Despite his insane schedule, he’s hands-on with his kiddos.

US President Barack Obama goes shopping during Small Business Saturday Source:Getty

11. … And what a beautiful example for men on how to treat the ladies in your life.

First Family Easter Portrait Source:Getty

12. There will never be another as suave as President Obama & for that alone, we’re thankful.


13. He gave us hope…

President Barack Obama welcomes 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat to the White House to honor the team on Source:Getty

President Obama continues to remind us what we are fighting for. From healthcare to discussing race in a way no president before him could, Obama was a man of the people β€” and still is.