1. The time Yeezy gave his future wifey the glare.

2. Those Kardashian kurves are killer.

3. The time Kimmy’s cleavage got that rarely seen smile of approval.

4. But of course, he is also a fan of her famous derrière.

5. Who can even blame him for this one?

6. The time he practically drooled over his baby mama.

7. The time she caught him in the act.

8. But he didn’t care and proceeded to look anyway.

9. The time she wore a crewneck dress and covered the goods.

10. The time he kept his eye on the prize even from a distance.

11. No need to play coy, he just looked at them dead on.

12. The time Nori couldn’t block his view.

13. The time he just smiled at how perfect she is.

14. The time they laughed at how perfect they both are.

15. The time he gave her a sweet kiss.

16. The time he made sure the assets got on the curb safely.

17. He can’t keep his eyes off her fatty.

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