Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - September 9, 2019

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Today is Swizz Beatz‘s 41st birthday and the superstar rapper, producer, DJ, business school graduate, husband, dad, philanthropist, and former NYU professor has a ton to celebrate. Obviously.

Not only has he had an incredible career that spans approximately 25 YEARS, he has a beautiful family, his health, amazing friends, and let’s face it — a dope ass art collection. In the past couple of weeks alone, he’s been nominated for Producer of the Year at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards, dropped music for the Godfather of Harlem soundtrack, and appeared at the Revolt Summit. Life is lit!

Moments ago he hit Instagram to remind us that he’s blessed and highly favored, saying of his big day:

I have my own relationship with God🤲🏾🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂#41″

To wish Swizz a glorious birthday, we gathered a bunch of RECENT moments that made us wish we had his life.

1. Literally anytime he’s standing next to Alicia Keys.

2. No, but really. Imagine Alicia Keys looking at you.

3. We def wouldn’t mind working with THEE Forest Whitaker.

5. Or, having had a friendship with the late, great, and inspirational Nipsey Hussle. Rest in peace.

6. He’s got the most thoughtful kids. Your kids this thoughtful?

9. Imagine Miss Keys doing THIS for YOUR Instagram.

10. Imagine having brunch at the Lenny Kravitz palace.

12. Imagine being able to say you contributed to a history-making article about Jay-Z’s billionaire status for Forbes.

14. Did we mention he’s got some talented kids?

16. Apple gave him his own music education lab. WE want to teach things at Apple.

17. And we can’t be the only ones who STILL dream of being a Ruff Ryder.

18. Just a FEW of the ways in which his life is BLESSED. Happy Birthday SWIZZ!

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