1. Little stinker! North West dresses up as an adorable skunk.

2. Daphne Joy and 50 Cent’s son went as Captain America.

3. Paris Hilton went as a fluffy white kitten.

4. Christina Milian went as a chola… that sort of reminded us of Lil Wayne.

5. Beyonce was seen at Powerhouse rocking a Janet Jackson costume.

6. Just Jared was all tin all night.

7. Nicole Richie went as Cruella de Vil.

8. Rachel Zoe was the evil queen from “Snow White.”

9. Justin Bieber was in the house – well, sort of.

10. Lily Allen went as a doctor.

11. Adam Sandler got into the spooky spirit with a pirate’s hat.

12. Vampires Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale came for blood.

13. Katy Perry went as a Cheeto.

katy perry halloween cheetos

14. Jessica Alba was all badass rockstar all night.

15. Kiyan Anthony went as a policeman.

16. Miley Cyrus went as Hannah Montana.

17. Rita Ora got wiggy for this year’s Halloween.

18. Blac Chyna went as a sailor and Amber Rose was a zombie.

19. Baby Bash was wiggin’ out for the big night.

20. Taylor Swift dresses as a “Pegacorn” for Halloween this year.

21. Justin Bieber and his adorable little bro went as Power Rangers.

22. Kim Kardashian had a skunk (a.k.a North West) loose in the house!

23. Robin Roberts & Terry Crews channeled the On The Run version of Beyonce and Jay Z.

24. North West gets the Halloween festivities started early while waiting to show her daddy her costume.

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