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The Weatherspoon family is one blessed crew and it shows.

Icon Kelly Rowland reportedly started dating talent manager Tim Weatherspoon, pictured above, back in 2011. Two years later, they got engaged before marrying in May of 2014. The same year, they welcomed their first son, Titan, who is also pictured alongside his dad above. Over the years, the little fella has grown into one of the cutest kids we’ve ever known — and now, he’s got his adorable baby brother, Noah, to look after.

Throughout it all, we couldn’t help but notice how caring and supportive Tim has been with his family. We love that for Kelly because she deserves nothing short of the absolute best. Just look at this sweet, calm moment captured during quarantine:

They truly are in love… Kelly even joked recently that she wants to buy Tim “a short set.” If you know, you know…

All jokes aside, the beauty also had this to say of her husband on Father’s Day, following the birth of their second child:

“My Love, This moment I felt like my heart could burst, because I never knew the overwhelming feeling of seeing our little world, we created together, all in one pic! I have watched you be the most amazing Father with our beautiful boys, you are all that I’ve prayed for and then some! We LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS!”

Today we also want to show Tim love. Thank you for being the awesome man and dad you are, and for taking care of our Queen! More photos of the young King being the best family man ever below.

1. He’s never too far.

2. And we hear he’s the best hype man.

3. Appreciating time with his little ones.

4. Keeping a smile on Titan’s face.

5. There for his family. Protecting his legacy.

6. Great times.

7. Bonding and building.

8. Biggin’ up his mini-me, always.

9. You’ve got to love him.

10. You’ve got to love them! Salute.