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Gabrielle Union‘s second memoir, You Got Anything Stronger, is a best-selling hit. We’re not surprised, since it’s a well-known fact the beauty knows how to put pen to paper.

In the new book, the famed wife, mom, actress and author talked about a variety of interesting topics, elaborating on some of the lighter talking points for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. During her chat with Jimmy, Gab dishes on being a “strip club connoisseur,” bringing her adult entertainment friends to Thanksgiving Dinner with her parents, and thinking Dwyane Wade said “I Love You” way too early on in the relationship.

Apparently, when Gab and D-Wade first fell in like, Gab could’ve sworn she heard him confess his love. In that moment, she says she was quiet, before returning his affection the following day. Years later, when an acquaintance asked who said “I love you” first in the relationship, Gabby said it was Dwyane — which is when he clarified that those words didn’t actually leave his lips.

“It’s a funny story. It unfolded over years,” Gabby explained of their relationship. “The first night I swore he said ‘I love you.’ Perhaps there was alcohol involved. At the end of a night, you know, we embrace. I definitely thought I heard him say ‘I love you.’ So I don’t respond.’  “Too soon… I don’t even know your middle name,” she thought to herself. “The next day I was like I don’t want the weekend to be weird, so I was like ‘Hey, about what you said last night… ‘I love you, too.'” Apparently, Dwyane responded with a funny and confused kind of look and the rest is history.

The hilarious mistake wasn’t cleared up until years later. Watch Gab’s interview below.

If you haven’t tuned into You Got Anything Stronger just yet, click here to order yourself a copy. Today, we are saluting the queen (and her king) with more photos of their coupled up cuteness this past summer.

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