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I don’t remember a time when I didn’t absolutely love Gabrielle Union and every year, my admiration for the beauty, activist, actress, and author grows incredibly. To put it frankly, there’s just so much Gabrielle has accomplished during her time in the spotlight — from playing powerful Black women on the big and small screens to advocating for sexual assault survivors and fighting for equality on behalf of the Black community, she’s worn a ton of hats. Even in the face of adversity, possible retaliation from the industry, and inevitable backlash from critics, Gabby pressed on with unwavering perseverance. 

So, when she became a mom — something she’d always wished for — I, along with the Black community at large, was truly happy to see her so on top of the moon. As God would have it, her mini-me Kaavia James came out with her dad’s whole face, but that hilarious PERSONALITY… dare I say it, that’s all Gabrielle Union, people.

Not Loud Enough | NBC Issues Half-Baked Statement RE: Gabrielle Union’s “Concerns,” Gabby Responds

Today, for Gabby’s 48th birthday (can you believe she’s freaking 48?!) Global Grind wants to celebrate what we think the icon would say is the best and most important part of who she is — and that is, being a mom and loving on her beautiful daughter.

Check out some of their most epic moments together below. May the Wade family continue to be blessed.

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I mean, we’ve never seen a child born with more presence and personality.

Who is this young man in my space, in my face, claiming my father’s legacy? Hehe.

They better get it!

When your boss calls a meeting for something that could’ve 100% been emailed…

Bring it on Toros!

She get it from her mama.

Best friends for life. 

Kaavia totally gets Gabby like no one else can.

That natural beauty is something else. Whew.

Ride or dies.

The hilarious preciousness from them both.

Unbridled happiness.

That beautiful brown skin.

Black Girl Glee. 

Much love!