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As teen boy speaks, grandmother looks on in disbelief

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The latest social media challenge taking over the internet is pure hilarity.

While we personally wouldn’t risk it, young folks all over the nation are pranking their parents and grandparents by telling them they need to appear on video for a scholarship request. As the young person introduces their elder, they tell different versions of the same sob story, claiming their parent or grandparent led a scandalous life at one point and the scholarship would help their family moving forward. In most of the videos, grandchildren suddenly claim their grandmothers were prostitutes being pimped out by their grandfathers. One young lady even called her unsuspecting grandma “the fastest woman on the hill.”

“I have my grandmother here with me because I want you guys to see that she plays a major role in my life… and this scholarship would help us,” another young lady said with her grandmother sitting right by her side. “She’s always been a helping hand, always giving, she holds this family together… she’s given her all, her last, everything.” Then suddenly, she claims “All my grandmother’s life she was ripping and running through the streets. She was a prostitute for 40 years.” You’ll have to keep scrolling to see grandma’s violent reaction.

Every prank victim reacts differently, but no matter how the practical joke unfolds, it’s hilarious every single time. Just imagine your child or grandchild sitting you in front of a camera and telling such shocking stories. Again, you’ve got to be bold to risk it!

Check out some of the most viral videos from the #ScholarshipChallenge below and let us know if you plan to play this prank on anyone in your household.

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1. This grandmothers was a straight-up G.

2. & This dad did the best he could under the horrendous circumstances.

3. But MOST elders are not playing around with these chil’ren — and we don’t blame them.

4. This mom found the allegations and accusations to be hilarious and could not bring herself to stop laughing.

5. “The fastest woman on the hill.”

6. Poor Grannies… for their sake, we’re hoping folks move on to the next challenge soon, but LMAO.

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