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HBO Max Sees 90,000 Mobile Downloads On Day One, Trailing Rivals

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Since its inception, the HBO Max app had much of its target audience confused and now, to top that off, users say it doesn’t work that well.

When the app was first announced, it was difficult to understand why it was necessary, since HBO Now and HBO Go already existed. After clarification and launching a ton of stellar and exclusive content, HBO lovers have been excited about the new streamer, except for the fact that it seems to have a ton of technical issues.

Users have been complaining about many of the app’s features, claiming that just trying to rewind, fast forward, or skip the intro will cause the app to crash. The complaints have turned into a hilarious trending topic on Twitter, where people are likening the app to the rapture, and more. “Just clicked ‘skip intro’ on the HBO Max app and the CEO popped out of the screen and slapped me,” one disgruntled user complained, for example. See that tweet above.

Apparently, HBO is working on some updates that should fix the technical issues. “HBO Max execs don’t actually hate their customers, of course. Quite the contrary: They’re well aware of the issues plaguing the user experience and have been scrambling to fix things. The biggest problems with the Apple interface were addressed within weeks, and a company source tells me the remaining errors should be corrected within days,” Vulture reported last Thursday, August 12, noting that fixing the app will take time. Click here to see the full explanation of what went wrong.

We can’t wait for the new and improved version of the app, but in the meantime, these complaints are hilarious and out of pocket…

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11. It is working for at least one person, however…