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Maid in Manhattan Premiere - After-Party

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For as long as we can remember, Jennifer Lopez has always had her pick of fine, rich men. At one point, she blessed Ben Affleck with all her love and attention and now, it seems they’re back together.

For the past four years, the famed singer and actress was dating Alex Rodriguez. They’d gotten engaged and even blended their families, but following reports of A-Rod entertaining another woman, Jen called things off and reunited with ex, Ben. Today, photos of the lovebirds kissing hit the internet, confirming what the world has been suspecting all along — Bennifer is BACK.

Back in the ’00s they were pretty vague about why they broke up, attributing the split to too much media attention. Fans were extremely sad over the news because they were so cute and so, so spicy together. You’ll recall Ben appeared in J. Lo’s “Jenny From The Block” video. At the time, Jennifer’s perfect booty was an extremely hot topic and Ben (with his fine ass) was seen rubbing and kissing it.

Watch below.

We’re happy to see them happy and we do hope they can make it work this time, if that’s what they both want. For now, take a trip down memory lane below with a few times they showed each other love and affection publicly. If you missed the new photos of Jen and Ben kissing, head over to Page Six to check those out. Also, their full relationship timeline over at Harper’s Bazaar.

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1. Jennifer Lopez whispers sweet nothings into Ben Affleck’s ear while on location for their ‘Jersey Girl’ movie.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck On Location for Jersey Girl Source:Getty

2. Very hands-on at the ‘Gigli’ premiere.

"Gigli" - Premiere Source:Getty

3. Ben infatuated by J. Lo’s ample backside in her ‘Jenny From The Block’ video.

Jennifer Lopez's new video Jenny from The Block Source:WENN

4. All smiles.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck On Location for "Jersey Girl" Source:Getty

5. Leaning in for a kiss at the 2003 ‘Vanity Fair’ Oscars Party.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez 'Vanity Fair' Oscars Party Morton's , Beverly Hills, CA March 23, 2003 Source:Getty

6. Embracing each other at the ‘Maid In Manhattan’ premiere.

Ben Affleck and fiancee Jennifer Lopez embrace as they stand Source:Getty

7. Kissing at a Lakers Game In Los Angeles.

Celebrities Attend Lakers Game In Los Angeles Source:Getty

8. Snuggling up after a scene in ‘Jersey Girl.’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez play an off-camera love scene Source:Getty