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Earlier this week, Zendaya opened up in a Q&A segment for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue. During the virtual chat, we learned a ton about the Emmy award-winning actress, including what her idea of happiness is, her greatest fear, her current state of mind, the greatest love of her life, and more.

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When asked, Zendaya also revealed what she believes is her “most marked” characteristic. She said in her opinion it would be her eyebrows — and hey, we can’t disagree. Since we’ve known her as an entertainer, we can’t remember a time when she didn’t have prominent and flawless brows. Perfect thickness, shape, and arch… what a lucky gal. And, it seems they’ve always been that way. Check out this photo of Zendaya as the cutest kid ever:

We don’t know about you, but we are still in celebration mode after all that Zendaya has accomplished recently. Making history at the Primetime Emmys, inciting Oscar talk with her latest offering, Malcolm & Marie… those are huge achievements, especially for a 24-year-old. Jump on the Zendaya bandwagon and show her some love. Plus, photos we gathered of Zendaya’s flawless brow game below, of course.

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1. Braided beauty.

2. Messy bun baddie.

3. Regal in red.

4. Barefaced and flawless.

5. Simply gorgeous.

6. Absolutely stunning.

7. So high fashion.

8. Courtesy of the sun.

9. Zendaya with the straightbacks.

10. You’ve got to love her.

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