Hip Hop Collabs That Redefined The Genre Who doesn’t love a good crossover?  Even hip-hop heads like to hear a fresh sound from their favorite artist, and what better way to appeal to a larger demographic than to team up with other musicians who don’t share your audience? Over the years, it’s become more common […]

In celebration of the artist's 40th birthday today, we celebrate with 10 songs that proves Ty Dolla $ign features will always ride. Ty Dolla $ign is the goat in the feature game, and it'll cost you a hefty penny to get him on your song.

Head inside for flawless photos of one of the actress' most-loved features.

We never expected to hear Chris Brown and Rihanna on a track ever again – but never say never, right? Interestingly enough, someone leaked an unreleased song that was reportedly recorded by the two while they were together. Titled “Put It Up,” both superstars are heard singing about how eager they are to explore each other sexually, holding one […]