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Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth play their iconic characters, Carrie and Mr. Big, in Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. | Source: MEGA / Getty

It’s safe to say no one was expecting what HBO Max had in store for fans in the premiere episode of And Just Like That.

The Sex and the City reboot follows Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they transition from their friendship as 30-something-year-olds to love, life, and BFFship in their 50s. In the very first episode Mr. Big, an iconic and beloved SATC character portrayed by actor Chris Noth, tragically passed away. He and Carrie were supposed to head out to the Hamptons for some downtime, but Charlotte pressured Carrie into attending her daughter’s piano recital instead. Big, who suffered from a heart condition, stayed home and got some exercise in on his Peloton bike. After an intense workout, however, he had a heart attack.

A devastated Carrie walked in on the tail-end of the attack and moments later, he passed away. For the record, we do think there was time to at least attempt to call an ambulance, but maybe Carrie had a feeling it was too late. It was a shocking way to kick off the season — fans of the show were truly taken aback, as Carrie came to terms with the fact that she lost her soulmate just when their rocky love affair finally felt less toxic. Episode 2, which delved into Big’s funeral arrangements, was also sad — with some comic relief by way of awkward moments involving the supporting cast.

After the episode aired, Peloton hit back with a speedy response, due to its stock dropping 11% overnight following Big’s death. According to reports, Peloton was not fully aware of the script but instead of complaining, the company dropped a hilarious ad in which Chris Noth resurrected his infamous character.

“And just like that… he’s alive,” Peloton captioned the commercial. See below.

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Of course the drama went viral on Twitter, with fans and critics sharing their two cents on everything from the And Just Like That writers to Peloton’s response. See some of the best reactions below and let us know where you stand.











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