The Daily Grind Video

1. Diddy diddy-bops out of a medical building in Beverly Hills.

P. Diddy leaves medical building in beverly hills Source:Splash News

2. Christina Milian looks MILFier than ever outside of the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Christina Milian Arrives to The Chateau Marmont Source:Splash News

3. Hilary Duff keeps it cute while debuting her new album at “Good Morning America.”

Hilary Duff visits Good Morning America in NYC Source:Splash News

4. A usually casual Cara Delevingne gets all dolled up in all black everything.

Cara Delevingne arrives at Fernsehwerft Berlin Source:Splash News

5. Rachel Dolezal makes sure her ‘fro is picture perfect as she hits NBC’s Today Show to explain her Black identity.

Rachel Dolezal Source:Splash News

6. Karrueche ain’t got no worries – and damn, she’s looking good at the beach in Miami.

Karrueche Source:Splash News

7. Jermaine Jackson runs some errands with family.

Jermaine Jackson spooted out with family in Calabassas Source:Splash News

8. Just your average day on the “Shades of Blue” set for J. Lo.

Jennifer Lopez - shades of blue set Source:Splash News
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