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Power Book II returned on Sunday, December 6, with an all-new episode titled Good Vs. Evil. The midseason premiere has had everybody’s Twitter fingers going off for the past two days, as it was full of drama and oh sh*t moments fans couldn’t wait to chime in on. To name just a few standout instances: Cane had too much dip on his chip and ended up on the receiving end of an *ss whooping, courtesy of his kingpin dad, Lorenzo; Brayden found himself in the middle of an impromptu drug dealer test and passed the corner boy quiz with flying colors; Cooper Saxe and Davis Maclean embarked on their plan to free Tasha, and put Tariq away, for the murder of James St. Patrick; and 2-Bit was freed.

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A few topics in particular caught a lot of attention online — hothead Cane seems to be getting more and more out of line, so the internet is convinced he’s mama’s baby, papa’s maybe.

Some fans even brought up the idea of Cain and Abel, suggesting Cane’s character arc is loosely based on the bible.

Many are also drawing comparisons between Tariq, Brayden, and Cane and the original dream team, Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost.

Perhaps most annoyingly, it seems Tariq hasn’t figured out that his best friend’s girlfriend is spying on him — even after she confessed to drugging him. Fans are just not sure how he’s not suspicious yet. See some of the best reactions to the midseason premiere below and tune in every Sunday on STARZ.

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