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Saucy Santana might have the song of the summer. The Miami rapper shared a clip of his upcoming song “Booty” to TikTok and it quickly went viral. Fans share their reactions on social media in anticipation of its release.

What do Saucy Santana and Beyoncé have in common?

The two artists both make bad b*tch anthems! No one knows how Santana did it, but somehow, he got the “Crazy in Love” sample cleared. Now, Saucy Santana and Beyoncé’s 2003 hit single “Crazy in Love” are both trending on Twitter.

Saucy Santana Taking Over

The “Walk” rapper shared one short clip of his upcoming song, “Booty” to TikTok while twerking. His caption said, “NEW MUSIC ALERT!!! OTW! “Booty” ft. ??????”

Fans are making their predictions of who might be collaborating with Saucy Santana on the upcoming song. The people believe it might be Lil Nas X as the two were rumored to be working together. Others believe that Beyoncé would hop on the song, because she believes in real talent like Santana similarly to the way she collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion on “Savage” in 2020.

Fans Are HYPE

We’re impressed by both the snippet and his dance moves. Saucy Santana’s fans share the same sentiments, saying “Santana’s a star.” Other fans are shocked that Beyoncé even cleared the sample.

While there is no exact release date, fans can expect it soon with the quick success of this viral clip. Check out what fans are saying about Saucy Santana and his next hit single “Booty” below.

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