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Saucy Santana joins trending podcast, “Don’t Call Me White Girl.” The rising Miami artist details more about his sexuality, his uphill battle transitioning from a makeup artist to an artist and his relationship with the City Girls. A viral clip from the episode has gained traction on social media after Santana shares he once dated girls.

The episode features music artist and social media sensation Saucy Santana. On the episode, he talks about his transition into becoming a serious artist, the response from his family when he expressed his sexuality as a teen, his relationship with the City Girls, his type when dating, succeeding in a heterosexual dominated industry, and the dark side of his dm’s.

It is the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast’s 29th episode. The special episode is over an hour long, and worth every minute. In the viral one minute clip, Santana shares he came out to his family as bi-sexual at 17 years old. He goes on to share that he dated all of the baddest girls in high school.

“I still to this day send some high school girls cash apps for their kids,” Santana said in the clip. “I still [expletive] with them or whatever. Not like that. It was love. You were really my girlfriend, but I wasn’t really [expletive] no [expletive].”

Podcast host Damona asks if he was actually bi-sexual or faking it the entire time. Santana responded, “I [expletive] with this one girl. She had some good pussy though.”

The “Don’t Call Me White Girl” show features rising comedian and viral social media sensation Don’t Call Me White Girl.  The Philadelphia native doesn’t hold her tongue as she delivers her unique brand of insight, advice, and commentary in this highly entertaining weekly audio-visual podcast. Fans have the opportunity to get real advice from Damona on the show.

Be sure to catch the “Don’t Call Me White Girl” podcast on all platforms. Watch the short viral clip from the episode featuring Saucy Santana below.