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Shalita Grant plays socialite Sherry in season 3 of 'You' on Netflix.

Shalita Grant plays socialite Sherry in season 3 of ‘You’ on Netflix. | Source: John P. Fleenor / Courtesy of Netflix

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny Shalita Grant did her thing in You.

Part 3 of the hit Netflix series is being hailed as its deadliest season yet — and with some new characters, including Shalita’s ‘Sherry Conrad,’ it was also the most maddening. You follows fictional serial killer Joe Goldberg, who most recently married Love Quinn, the first woman he’s come across that might be more insane than he is. In an effort to leave their lethal past behind them, Joe and Love move to a new town, Madre Linda, where they welcome their newborn son, Henry, and establish themselves as a normal married couple. As we mentioned, with a new town comes new townspeople — and from the start, Sherry is seen sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Sherry is condescending, controlling, and the kind of onscreen mean girl we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

Instead of giving into her darker side (at least where Sherry is concerned), Love attempts to befriend the snobby socialite. But, all goes downhill, when Sherry and her husband convince Love and Joe to try swinging, in an effort to save their marriage. The kinky scene is too much for Love, who goes on a rampage and mentions Joe’s near-mistress Natalie, who she killed earlier on in the season. Now, fully aware that Joe and Love are killers, Sherry and her husband must escape, but of course they do not. And, like so many before them, they find themselves locked in Joe’s handmade cage.

Again, Shalita was maddening… “annoying” really doesn’t cover it. But, that’s exactly what her role as Sherry Conrad was supposed to be, so all hail the actress.

If you haven’t tuned into You yet, head over to Netflix now, as it’s definitely worth the watch. Plus, more photos of the beautiful Shalita below.

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1. A little thigh.

2. It’s the look in her eye for us.

3. Brightening up our day.

4. We love her.

5. Queen of Mean.

6. Oh so sensual.

7. Miss Shalita, everybody.

8. Stay tuned.

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