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Yesterday, Penn Badgley hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live! to chop it up with the late night talk show host — no pun intended.

The actor currently plays fictional serial killer Joe Goldberg in the hit Netflix series, You, which fans can’t stop raving about thanks to a very deadly season 3. Naturally, Bagdley dove into one of the newer hot topics surrounding the show, and that is: will his new BFF Cardi B guest star?

Unfortunately, he told Kimmel he isn’t sure but there is a petition to get her on the bloody series. Speaking on swooning over each other on Twitter, Badgley said, “This is a thing that we have now, me and Cardi.”

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As far as whether or not she’ll be on the series, like we mentioned, mum’s the words. “I don’t know. I definitely can’t say, but there is actually, I believe this is true, there’s an actual petition,” he said. When asked about a Cardi cameo again he cleared things up, saying “I actually don’t know.”

During their chat, Badgley also dishes on what it’s like to film You, noting that most of his lines are narration for the show and not actual dialogue with the rest of the cast, so he films a lot of staring and thinking. “It’s very technical. I have grown to like it — it can be a bit isolating, but it’s also, again, the highly technical dance with the crew is actually something you don’t get to do a lot as an actor and I really like that,” he explained.

Have you watched You on Netflix? Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

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