1. “Vegas Chick”

Willow let her fans know that she wasn’t a baby anymore. The young star tweeted out a picture of herself swinging from a stripper pole with the caption: “Vegas Chick.”

2. New Hair

Willow Smith really came to fame in 2010 when she dropped her breakout single, “Whip My Hair.” Two years later, she couldn’t “whip” her hair anymore: the young star shaved her head.

3. Blonde Hair

From there, the then 11-year-old would experiment with various colors of hair. She did blonde…

4. More Hair


5. Even More Hair


6. Even More Hair

And whatever color this is.

7. The Tongue Ring

Willow had everyone stunned when she released a picture of herself rocking a tongue ring. Willow would later say that the tongue ring was a fake.

8. Willow Smith x Odd Future

Tyler, the Creator has been one of the most controversial figures in pop music. That hasn’t stopped Willow from co-signing the rapper’s crew, Odd Future. She has been seen rocking Odd Future clothing and in 2012, she called Tyler “the love of her life.”

9. Willow’s Adult Sounding Music

Willow Smith’s music took a drastic turn in 2013. She stopped being a kiddie solo act and joined forces with DJ MVSIC Fabrega to form Melodic Chaotic. The duo’s most well-known song is “Summer Fling.” The track featured a controversial video that showed the 12-year-old hugging and holding hands with an older boy.

10. Speaking With Her Clothes

Willow has worn a lot of crazy looks over the years. But heads really spun in 2012, when she was seen wearing a large military jacket with the writing “I Hate Everyone” on it in L.A.

11. “Annie” No More

Willow was set to make a big jump in her career. She was going to star in the “Annie” remake. Then, in 2013, she dropped out of the role, claiming that she was sick of the child star theme.

12. Willow Smith and Moises Arias

willow smith moises arias bed together shirtless

The latest Willow problem came when the young star released a picture of herself, now 13, lying next to the 20-year-old model Moises Arias.

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