'The Wonder Years' star Elisha "EJ" Williams about his role as Dean Williams on the new ABC reboot, which premieres this week. He spoke about the show being set in Montgomery in 1968, the afro he wore and the style sacrifice he made with the show wardrobe. He also talked about how times haven't changed as much as we'd like, noting how George Floyd's death wasn't as shocking as it should have been.

At just eight years old, Blue Ivy has become a style maven in her own right by inspiring natural hair lovers to let their fro fly free. The Internet can be a ruthless place when it comes to celebrity children, and for a long time, Blue was the target of natural hair shaming. Let’s not forget […]

It’s official! If you’re a redhead, you’ll finally have an emoji that represents you. Also, if you’re a fan of cupcakes, moon pies and hippos, there will be new emojis for that also. Emojipedia has confirmed our suspicions that a slew of new emojis will be hitting our phones this year. We’ll also be getting those […]

This past Sunday, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa was crowned Miss Universe in Las Vegas. Although she was celebrated for her achievements, another contestant got love across social media. Second runner-up, Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett, decided to rock her natural hair for the contest, and many folks praised her as an image of inspiration for girls across […]

After Mike Vick made comments earlier this week that Colin Kaepernick should cut off his Afro if he wants another chance in the NFL, the Internet didn’t let up when it came to dragging the former NFL star. Kaep even clapped back on Twitter, causing Vick to renege on his controversial statements. During an interview […]

Michael Vick made some very bold comments about why he thinks Colin Kaepernick is out of an NFL job. The former Eagles star believes that Kaep needs to ditch the Afro for a more “professional” appearance if he wants to play professional football. But in true Kaepernick fashion, the former San Francisco 49ers star stood […]

Michael Vick has had a lot of ups and downs in his football career. Now, the former Eagles quarterback is trying to share some of his wisdom with fellow NFL stars — especially Colin Kaepernick. During an interview on Fox Sports’ Speak for Yourself, Vick said the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback needs to shed […]

It’s 2017 and Black women are still being told what’s appropriate when it comes to their hair. The further away we are moved from the Eurocentric standard of beauty, the harder we are chastised — a bold and proud afro usually makes things worse. Jenesis Johnson, 17, knows this all too well, after recently getting […]

Just when we think it can't get any worse, a new video shows a hairstylist trying to recreate an afro on a White woman.