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In these volatile times we’re living in, it’s important for people to be more aware of how their ignorance affects others–especially regarding race.

All around the world, girls of color are being told to straighten their hair because it’s unprofessional, inappropriate, and untidy. But when it comes to White women, it’s considered trendy and chic. We’ve heard this story plenty of times before; most recently with Marc Jacobs‘ latest fashion show in which predominately White models wore dreadlocks.

On Tuesday, a video went viral on Facebook of a hairstylist giving a young White woman a curly, textured afro using the most tedious, unnatural technique possible. The most intriguing part of the video is the caption that simply reads, “Beautiful Texture.” Interestingly enough, it’s the same texture that women of color are ridiculed for and forced to change to conform to societal norms.

What are your thoughts on the “trendy” hairstyle?


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