<p>"So You Think You Can Dance" star Haley Newton is flaunting her smoking hot body and so is "Dancing With the Stars" hottie Karina Smirnoff.&nbsp; Is it just me, or are there now so many dance shows/talent shows/singing Idol’s that I have no idea who is on what program.&nbsp; The one thing that I do […]

<p>What is the deal lately with spelling somebody’s name?&nbsp; I admit that I am not the most accurate at spelling but I do try and get somebody’s name correct.&nbsp; COED Magazine has Sara Balint listed as their COED girl and in bold letters plastered across her picture they have her name spelled Sarah Balint.</p>

<p>Models are held to different standards.&nbsp; We can all agree on that point I would guess.&nbsp; If you can’t even give me that, then I would suggest you heading back to bed and waiting out the hangover you must be suffering.&nbsp; At some point you just need to slow down on the alcohol intake.&nbsp; Drinking […]

<p>I am not complaining.&nbsp; I want to say that right up front.&nbsp; I am beginning to question the fallacy that all models have to be Amazon Women though.&nbsp; I keep seeing the profiles of these tiny little women who are in the field of modeling and I for one want to stand up for the […]

<p>"Jayden Brook is a Game Changer" is what reads on Uncrotched.com.&nbsp; Setting aside they somehow misspelled her name I would have to agree with them.&nbsp; Far be it from me to make fun of a website for misspellings.&nbsp; I get lambasted daily for typos, misspelled words, improper punctuation, no punctuation, etc.</p>

<p>This is amazing.&nbsp; I never realized that <a class="zem_slink" title="The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outbound/article/www.lds.org’);" rel="homepage" href=”https://globalgrind.com/outbound/article/en.wikipedia.org/&#8221;);" rel="wikipedia" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360">Xbox 360</a> game out of it where you can beam in like &ldquo;Mormon Jesus&rdquo;&nbsp; kick butt and earn cool Mormon artifacts(that never existed).&nbsp; It&rsquo;s all pretty ridiculous and entertaining but&hellip;&hellip;<em><strong>there is one small part […]

<p>The site has been updated for this week.&nbsp; Actually the Sports Illustrated site was most likely updated several days ago.&nbsp; The last time I looked at the calendar it was Friday and the week was almost over.&nbsp; I am falling so far behind it is difficult for me to figure out where in the hell […]

<p>Kristy Ann is our latest model highlighted here on JournalStone.com.&nbsp; Sadly we have been getting some comments that some of our targeted models are slightly trashy and we are being scorned for our choices.&nbsp; Damn, I am not here to judge one way or the other.&nbsp; I simply look at the pretty pictures, wipe the […]

<p>Rosie is in DT magazine and Miranda is in GQ.&nbsp; Now the only thing better would be if you had both of these girls in the ring and let them duke it out in a bowl full of mud.&nbsp; Maybe not mud.&nbsp; How about Jell-O.&nbsp; It is just that both are so overdone.&nbsp; The Jell-O […]

<p>What do you get when you add Las Vegas with a smoking hot blonde girl and a cherry red lollipop?&nbsp; I am sorry but I forgot what in the hell the question was.&nbsp; I lost focus after somebody said something about a cherry red lollipop.&nbsp; I think all women should be allowed dessert.&nbsp; I realize […]

<p>I am familiar with all the female tennis stars from Serena Williams and Venus Williams in America to Maria in Russia not mentioning the cute babe Sania Mirza in India.</p>

<p>It was a brilliant start of Australian Open for Venus Williams since it took her only 72 minutes to defeat her opponent. Venus Ebony Starr Williams defeated</p>