School brings out the killa in two birds and with one rat, everybody eats!

Oh New Yorkers. So much time spent in the urban streets, you wouldn’t know the difference between a wild cat and a tiny mammal if it smacked you in the face. One person was ready to put the city on red alert when they thought they saw a tiger roaming the streets of Washington Heights. […]

America’s next top model just got some competition! And they come with a mane and walk on four legs.   …Don’t laugh now. A select group of horses got a model-worthy photoshoot from German photographer Wiebke Haas and now the Internet is loving the look! Wiebke captured these horses at their most stunning — back arched, […]

So Grace Goldstein went to a Trader Joe’s in Washington D.C. Grace Goldstein got a bag of kale. Grace Goldstein got back home to unload said kale from her grocery bags. Grace Goldstein got a closer look at her kale and found this… A quick zoom in, just in case you missed it.   […]

If you’re caught up in your so-called important day, it’s time to take a break and tend to more pressing matters torturing the minds of millions. Does my pet snake fart or nah?   This might sound silly now, but it was one tweet like this that led author Dani Rabaiotti  to publish her new book […]

If the Planet of the Apes franchise had you spooked,  be warned — one video might have you running for the hills. A gorilla from the Philadelphia Zoo was caught strolling on two legs recently like it was an everyday thang. Check him out below.   Scared? Well you might be surprised to learn that this ape […]

One Brazilian dog was so ride-or-die for his owner that he couldn’t let him go, even in death. The story will give you all the Homeward Bound feels, so prep your tissue!   The unnamed dog was the pet of a 59-year-old homeless man. The man was stabbed in a street fight in October and was […]

Making a grand entrance in the club can be tough work. Your timing has to be perfect, the outfit has to be on point, and you have to make sure your horse is tame? One dancer at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach was certainly trying to keep their horse calm when they decided to […]

Lacoste Decides To Switch Up Logo For A Good Cause In an attempt to raise awareness Lacoste has decided to switch up the classic crocodile logo for images of 10 other animals on the threatened and endangered species list for a special limited release. The new logos will feature the vaquita (Gulf of California porpoise), the […]

Humans weren’t the only ones who weren’t impressed with Fergie’s rendition of the National Anthem during the NBA All Star game over the weekend. Apparently, her unique tribute to America has gotten under animals’ skin also.   He was not having it!

Have you ever seen a rat take a shower like a human? Apparently, it’s possible and it’s been caught on video. If this is some next level type of evolution, it’s completely freaking us out. What will they do next?