If you were grossed out by those horse meat stories making headlines a couple weeks ago you might want to start getting used to the idea, at least if you live in Oklahoma. The state took a step toward allowing livestock owners to slaughter horses for food on Friday when the governor signed a bill […]

Continents away and on the same day, two women lost their lives after lions mauled them to death. DETAILS: OMG! Man Mauled By Tiger In The Bronx Zoo  The first incident occurred in Africa near the Zimbabwean town of Kariba. A woman and her boyfriend were attacked by as many as seven of the large cats […]

This is ignorance if we’ve ever seen it! A dog in Tennessee was saved after he was set to be put to death because of his sexual orientation.  BLOG: Don’t Forget About Your Animals In The Aftermath Of Sandy by Hana Nitsche Um…what? The pit bull-type hound was abandoned by his owner after he noticed him […]

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, a golden eagle comes along and shows us we ain’t seen nothing yet! According to YouTube user MrNuclearCat, the video above shows a eagle swooping down and snatching up a baby like a piece of prey in Montreal, Canada. BLOG: My African Safari: How Animals Are Supposed […]

Warning: This video is graphic. Animal welfare advocacy group Mercy for Animals has released a gruesome video exposing the abuse that turkeys suffer at the hands of Butterball workers.   STORY: WTF!? James Holmes Attempts Suicide In Jail! The video come days before the Thanksgiving holiday when millions of turkeys will be devoured. 30 percent of […]

A man jumped out of the Wild Asia Monorail at the Bronx Zoo this week, in an extreme attempt to kill himself. According to the NY Daily News, the man, named David Villalobos, jumped 17 feet from the monorail into a tiger den where he was mauled by 11-year-old Bachuta, a male Amur tiger. PHOTOS: Katie […]

Meat eaters around the country may have to think twice before they chomp into that slab of beef, as “Pink Slime” has become a topic of conversation when it comes red meat. STORY: So Gross! The “Pink Slime” Will Be Served At Schools In The Fall The “pink slime” was found to be in 70 […]

When it comes to protecting animal rights, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has failed. Bowing to pressure, Branstad has signed into law a bill that makes criminals out of undercover investigators who expose cruelty to animals, corporate corruption, dangerous working conditions, environmental violations, or food safety concerns at factory farms. Without undercover investigations, there are no […]

What a catch! A 40-foot long whale shark was found dead and hung up for all to see on the coast of Karachi, Pakistan. STORY: One Ton Crocodiles & Other Crazy Animals Found On Earth! According to the Express Tribune, Mehmood Khan, the owner of the Charai Fishery, said the whale shark was spotted dead […]

Ebony magazine is celebrating  its 65th Anniversary this November, and they’re doing so in style. The cover of the special anniversary issue features Usher, Mary J. Blige, Taraji Henson, Nia Long & Samuel L. Jackson.  Newly appointed editor-in-chief Amy Dubois Barnett has relaunched the magazine with a modern, sophisticated new look. It’s great to see […]


R&B singers Ciara and Ne-Yo are gracing the pages of Ebony magazine. The pair did a fashion spread and it looks like they had fun while shooting. While Ebony did take some hot pictures of Ne-Yo, the magazine didn’t get the exclusive interview that is being reported by the London Sun. The newspaper reported : […]

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are the proud parents of a newborn son named Julian Fuego. Paula Patton had the baby on April 6th in Los Angeles. Robin Thicke was scheduled to perform with Alicia Keys but canceled his set for personal reasons. Turns out those personal reasons were to become a father. Alicia Keys congratulated […]