Apple Pay Cash is finally making its way to phones. The new person- to-person payment method, similar to Venmo, is now enabled in public betas of updates to iOS and WatchOS for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. The final form of Apple Pay Cash is set to be out by the end of the year. […]

Did Drake just sum up all of our frustrations over this damn Apple I glitch? If you haven’t noticed, although it’s damn near impossible not to, people have been getting an A and an ? mark everytime they type the letter I. We want it fixed asap. Apple is working on a permanent fix but until […]

  2017 is almost over and there’s still an age-old beef that needs to be settled: Samsung vs Apple. Though the majority of the human population are Apple users, Samsung has managed to hold their own for years, despite the stiff competition. Plus the Korean corporation has never been shy about making fun of Apple […]

Apple says the bug will be fixed in a new software update but in the meantime, there's something you can do to be less annoyed.

Three men reportedly made off with over 300 new iPhones after taking them from San Francisco delivery truck.

So new video emerged on Twitter of what seems to be Apple’s “Project Titan” self-driving car. This is how it looks like: According to The Verge, the car has standard third-party sensors and hardware, including several radar units, six LIDAR sensors, and a couple of cameras. Everything seems to be encased in Apple-looking white plastic […]

Why didn't anyone tell us this earlier?

In a few touches, you can create a video of whatever scrolls across your screen.

Drake recently dropped his latest album More Life on Friday and even he may be surprised at the success over the weekend. According to The Verge, More Life has racked up 61.3 million Spotify streams in its first 24 hours. But the Apple Music numbers are even more groundbreaking, with the album being streamed 89.9 million times […]

Jay Z and Kanye West belong together, so we're only semi-acknowledging this rough patch.

According to reports, Suge filed a lawsuit against Dre, claiming that he hired a hitman to kill him over Beats By Dre.

If you let 'Ye tell it, there were several issues, the first being Hov's loyalty to Meek Mill and the second being the TIDAL-Apple beef.