Sales of the iPhone 4S were halted in China, after a riot broke out at an Apple store in Beijing yesterday. STORY: 50 Cent Launches SMS Audio, Wants To Feed The Hungry! According to reports, hundreds of people camped out overnight in freezing weather to get their hands on the new phone. But after the Apple […]

UPDATE: According to recent reports, Apple is going to sue In Icons for producing the Steve Jobs action figure! Apple is claiming that they own the rights of the late co-founder’s appearance, personality etc. Allegedly, in an email, the company states that any toy that resembles the technology company’s logo, person’s name, appearance or likeness of […]

Apple wants to add facial recognition to future devices, this according to a patent application made public by US Patent & Trademark Office today. STORY: Apple To Power Devices With Hydrogen Fuel Cells  If approved, Apple’s application will allow any Apple device with a front facing camera to compare and contrast the device owners image against […]

Italians, by law, are guaranteed two years of free tech support whenever they buy new products, so why was Apple charging Italian customers a fee for something that was supposed to be free? That’s a question an Italian watchdog group wants to know, and why they fined Apple $1.2 million for misleading customers. STORY: Apple Products […]

Looks like Apple will be upping the ante in the way its products use batteries! Battery power is one of the inconveniences of the modern world: no matter how long you charge them, they always seem to run out. STORY: New iPads Coming In February 2012? Apple is hoping to change that, if we believe the […]

Siri Siri Siri, can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me.  DETAILS: The Best Siri Hack So Far…. Apple’s hottest app Siri is an intelligent software application that answers all your questions, reminds you of important dates, and now she can rap! A very intelligent hacker who obviously loves Biggie’s rhymes thought it was […]

News that Apple lost a trademark case against a Chinese company had the internet giddy yesterday. Add our smirk to the pool of laughter.  STORY: Apple Computers Takes An “L” In China Yeah, Apple may have more money than our government, but it’s also a bully. We love it when bullies get theirs. If Apple wants […]

We never thought we’d see Apple take an “L” on a trademark infringement case. But surely as the sun sets, the Cupertino based computer giant has lost a big one to a struggling computer manufacturer in China, according to the Financial Times. STORY: Steve Jobs Is Dead! In an article published a few hours ago, FT […]

The largest Apple store in the world is slated for unveiling at Grand Central Terminal in New York City this Friday! Apple has confirmed that its new Grand Central Store will open on December 9th, updating the ticker of screens surrounding the perimeter of the space to read “Apple Store, Grand Central. Arriving Friday, December […]

Those anti-abortion answers spouted by Siri were all thanks to a glitch, Apple has said in a statement. “Our customers use Siri to find out all types of information and while it can find out a lot, it doesn’t always find out what you want,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said in a written response […]

Yesterday Twitter was going crazy over Apple’s release of iOS 5, the newest operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Demand was so great in fact, that Apple could not support the rush of downloaders and Apple’s servers crashed! Since things are now much more stable on Apple’s end (too many people, too few […]

The iPhone 5 wait is over! According to All Things Digital, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will unveil the new iPhone 5 on October 4th! That’s the day Apple is currently expected to hold its next big media event, according to sources close to the situation, where the tech giant will unveil the next iteration of its popular […]