The highly-anticipated return of "Avatar" is closer than fans may imagine. Check out a gallery from the world premiere inside.

Zoe Saldaña Talks 'Avatar: The Way Of Water,' crying during the film, Neytiri and Jake being relationship goals, and more

Disney announces its “Keep Our Oceans Amazing” global campaign ahead of Avatar: The Way of Water. Red more inside.

The “Avatar” sequel will be three hours and 10 minutes long. James Cameron explained why it’s so much longer. Read more inside.

This weekend 20th Century Studios revealed the first look photos and trailer for 'Avatar: The Way Of Water,' the sequel to James Cameron's hit film which made records as the highest-grossing film of all time.

It’s official— Black Panther has officially made over $1 Billion at the box office in just 26 days after breaking the record for best February opening weekend of all time. T’Challa and the rest of Wakanda join the ranks of some of the greatest movies in film history to receive such an accolade.  Heath Ledger‘s […]

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are about to be parents for the second time over.

Zoe Saldana has had a stupendous year so far. Not only was her film Galaxy Of The Guardians a box office hit, but she finally (and unintentionally) announced to the world that she and hubby Marco Perego were expecting a child together. Now, according to People Magazine, the couple is reportedly expecting two twin boys. Sources revealed that the […]

Zoe Saldana is an actual force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, but she’s also the goddess of the sci-fi realm. And her title is well-earned after nailing three movie franchises with Star Trek, Avatar, and most recently, Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition to landing various film gigs, the star has also been featured on countless […]

Zoe Saldana, she’s just like us. She has a hankering for Italian food and sometimes she just gets too lazy to go to the gym. Except she still manages to look incredible after letting herself go for a year – her words, not ours – because we definitely couldn’t tell by the way she looks […]

Avatar director James Cameron says he plans to make three sequels to his hit sci-fi film. Cameron made the announcement that there would be three more installments to the already two-part film series Monday, alongside producer Jon Landau and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Lightstorm Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox will be taking on […]