back to the future

Anyone with a little bit of jerk in their spirit can take on the Donald.

Back to the Future Day wrapped up, self-lacing sneakers became a reality, and then Jimmy Kimmel took the festivities a bit further.

While Back To The Future got its fair share of predictions wrong, its fashion forward wardrobe was actually pretty on point.

While sneakerheads and technology aficionados alike wait for auto-lacing sneakers to release, it’s time to add Michael J. Fox to that list. The Back to the Future actor (who wore the shoes more than 20 years ago) is waiting for the futuristic kicks to grace our lives. In a recently released video clip, Michael reunited with […]

Remember watching Back To The Future 2 back in the day and wishing we really had all the cool new technology that they did in the future? Well, it looks like we might finally be catching up with the developments, since Nike is planning to release the Marty McFly Power Lace shoe from the movie! In […]


That’s one of the teasers photos that point guard Brandon Jennings has been using to hype up the world all summer for the release of his Under Armour Micro G Black Ice collection. He was the only player wearing the Under Armour prototype last season and TODAY at FOOTLOCKER you can feel what the man […]


Taylor Swift has just added another feather in her cap. The 20-year-old Fearless singer has snagged the top position onBillboard magazine’s ’21 Under 21′ list for 2010. Those on the list were ‘selected not only for their tender age but also for their potential to rule the pop culture zeitgeist over the next 12 months.’  


The wait is over. After years of pushbacks, rumors, and heresay, the reported first single from Dr. Dre‘s mythic third album Detox has finally surfaced. This doesn’t seem to be the final version of the song – there is no hook, and the vocals aren’t mixed properly – but this leak defintiely gives us a […]



Kim Kardashian continues her Motorola tour to promote their latest project. Kim showed up down under in a black dress and has the boys going crazy. One of her fans skipped school in order to catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian in person.  The Kim Kardashian stan tweeted the love of his life saying ‘Skipped […]