Every time something happens in Beyoncé‘s life that makes her seem like more of a god and less of a human, she does something to remind us that she’s still the same ol’ Bey from Houston’s Third Ward. Like going on unplanned shopping sprees in Target: Or effortlessly slaying the Electric Slide with her family: […]

Love and basketball was in full swing for one lucky couple at a 76ers game. Check out Fox‘s beautiful proposal to Tayla in the video below, which has since gone viral — even getting love from Diddy himself. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgz7zzdl0m2/?saved-by=roycedunmore

Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue, announced on Monday that he’d be stepping down from his duties to spend more time focusing on his health.  Ironically, the surprising news came just one day after he and LeBron James exchanged some heated words on the court: When asked how he felt about the coach’s decision to resign, […]

Tis’ the season to watch the top college basketball players in the country battle it out to see who’s the real NCAA Champ. Most guys are into sports, so they already have their brackets ready. But here’s a little bracket of our own, ladies. Check out these 7 NCAA cuties worth watching the entire tournament […]

What possessed this high school player to push his opponent from behind while he took off for a fast break layup?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Join In On Recruiting LeBron James There are teams lining up to recruit LeBron Jame this offseason as the 3x champion is set to become an unrestricted free agent. The Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets could be the landing spot to one of the greatest players of […]

One Denver Nuggets fan was a little too hype when his team won against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday. Here’s what happened… Right before the buzzer was about to sound, Nuggets player Gary Harris shot a three pointer allowing his team to win against OKC in the nick of time. One fan was so hype […]

One New Orleans Pelicans fan managed to suit up and shoot around during the team’s warm-ups before the game. It’s unclear how long he had been shooting before he got caught, and even more unclear how he even got his hands on a practice uniform. Either way, you have to applaud his effort.    

One student at an Illinois high school made a shot that will go down in the history books. At Evanston Township High School, freshman Blake Peters caught the rebound of a missed free throw and right when the buzzer was about to ring he launched the ball towards the opposite end of the court. You’ll […]

Nine-year-old Gia Perez was just another Spurs fan going to a game for the first time on Sunday. However, when she left the venue, she was known as the life of the party. Before the match against the Indiana Pacers started, the Spurs’ Team Energy hyped the crowd with their usual freestyle sessions. Gia hopped […]