A classic case of everyone wanting to be Black until it's time to be Black.

The Kardashians have been accused of appropriating Black culture ever since their they hit the scene over a decade ago — but Kim Kardashian‘s new makeup ad is sparking a whole new conversation about race. The reality star is being accused of rocking Black face in her the new promo pic for upcoming KKW beauty line. […]

Halloween usually brings out the best or the worst in people, but for University of Central Arkansas student Charles ‘Brock’ Denton, it brought out the ugly. The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity member has been suspended by the national headquarters after wearing blackface to a Halloween party. According to reports, he came to the party supposedly dressed as Bill Cosby in a […]

A White student at Prairie View A&M University, a historically Black college in Texas, caused major indignation on campus after posting an offensive selfie on social media of herself in blackface.

Jason Aldean is coming under fire after photos surfaced of him sporting blackface makeup while dressing up as rapper Lil Wayne.

Regardless of how many Black friends you have, whether or not you intended to offend anyone, or how clever you might think you're being...Do. Not. Do. Blackface. Ever.

Halloween is right around the corner, which means candy, costumes, and plenty of cool parties to hit up. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been tirelessly trying to pin down the perfect costume and the best place to wear it since the month began. Picking a costume is no easy feat – there are just so many […]

Police officers of the Parisian suburb Kremlin-Bicetre are under investigation after blackening their faces with shoe polish and eating bananas – all in the name of a turn-up. The images of them smiling while wearing black face and afro wigs at a recent party surfaced on social media this week and quickly spread. As if their black […]

The extremely controversial conversation surrounding blackface has created tension, backlash and dialogue throughout the African-American community. Now the tables have turned with the ‘whiteface’ controversy and surprisingly, Nick Cannon is at the center of it all. Cannon has received lots of criticism for creating a white alter ego to promote his upcoming album White People Party Music. Cannon’s contentious alter ego Conner […]

Nick Cannon has definitely taken the promotion for his new album, White People Party Music to a whole different level and seems to be winning and losing all at the same time. The other day, Cannon posted several pictures and videos in promotion for his new album while dressed in “white face” with a character he calls, Walter […]

UPDATE: 2:50 PM EST Earlier we caught wind of the unfortunate night that Kim Kardashian experienced while at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball, and the man behind the tasteless Kanye black face costume has come forward, of course claiming that he is in no way a racist. TMZ reports: The weirdo who came up to Kim Kardashian in […]

The scariest thing about this Halloween season isn’t the throngs of people dressing up like Miley Cyrus. Which…by the way…is pretty terrifying. But what’s even more terrifying is the blatant disrespect when it comes to costume choices. Dressing up as an unarmed teen who was shot to death? Or the faux-cop who killed him? What […]