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Police officers of the Parisian suburb Kremlin-Bicetre are under investigation after blackening their faces with shoe polish and eating bananas – all in the name of a turn-up.

The images of them smiling while wearing black face and afro wigs at a recent party surfaced on social media this week and quickly spread. As if their black face wasn’t already offensive enough, one of the photos shows an officer with a bunch of bananas in his lap, scratching himself like a monkey, with a bucket of nuts next to him.

Yep. That happened.

“If the police officers who have the responsibility to fight racism are busy making fun of black people than defending them, it could explain why things have advanced so little in this domain,” says Louis-Georges Tin, President of the Conseil Represantatif des Associations Noires.

This photo scandal follows a string of high-profile racist taunts directed at France’s black Justice Minister Christiane Taubira. Last November, a French weekly magazine called Minute published a cover with the headline, “Crafty as a monkey, Taubira gets her banana back.”

The officers have been suspended pending an investigation. They could be fined or fired for their offensive behavior.

SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook