Black Twitter

Twitter promptly turned @pitts0421_d into a hilarious meme after he let his friend lift him off his feet.

Clearly, the stylist never worked with Black hair before.   There aren’t many shows that the Internet genuinely likes right off bat, but VH1’s new show Scared Famous changed the game. The the thrilling show, presented and hosted by Redman, features 10 reality stars competing in horror themed challenges inside a haunted house in Savannah, Georgia for a $100,000 prize.   Black […]

When you’re trying to stunt on social media, Black Twitter will quickly cut you down to size. That’s what happened to a young man, who was probably trolling when he decided to stunt about buying a house at 18 years old. Yeah. OK! This got us to thinking. What’s the biggest lie someone has ever […]

An aspiring rapper by the name of BPace hit Twitter for help after his girl of four years left him.

We love the internet. Shannon Sharpe just got remixed. As we previously reported on our story Shannon Sharpe just became the realest n*gga on TV, he “be on those milds and that yak.” Well internet just remixed his hilarious statements from his show Undisputed. The Suede The Remix God took the audio and made a dope […]

Season two of HBO’s Insecure premiered last night and the Internet couldn’t get enough. The Insecure watch parties were in full effect as Black Twitter gathered with friends to watch the juicy drama unfold. Of course, the Internet memes and gifs were out of this world hilarious. The Lawrence-hive was exceptionally proud of their boy […]

Tinashe has Black Twitter in an uproar due to some recent comments with The Guardian. The “2 On” singer said  it is hard for Black women in the industry and she feels they always have to compete: “Recently, my cousin was with a friend of a friend, who was in high school, and she was […]

Whether it’s news about his personal or professional life, Jay Z loves to keep us guessing. The music legend has been busy tending to his husband and father duties, but fans have reason to believe that Hov may have new music on the way. Websites like Complex, 2DopeBoyz and The Undefeated, which are centered around hip […]

Black Twitter’s influence is going under the microscope as BET teams with Twitter for a new project. The network recently announced that it is partnering with Twitter itself to launch a study about the force of nature that is Black Twitter. This should come as no surprise to anyone that pays attention to Black Twitter. […]

I sat down with Zoe Saldana to discuss her role as Gamora in Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I had to ask about the amount of hate she gets from #BlackTwitter for some of her comments on race. People have gone as far to suggest that she’s in the “Sunken Place” — a […]