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Is Bobbi Kristina getting too much shine in the wake of her mother’s death? DETAILS: Whitney Houston’s Will: Bobbi Kristina Gets It ALL That’s what some people close to Bobbi are saying and now they’re urging her to step out of the limelight. As the 19-year-old prepares for her first televised interview this weekend with […]

After Whitney Houston tragically passed on Februay 11, no one has been thrust into the spotlight more than her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina. From her ex-husband Bobby Brown, to her mourning mother, Cissy Houston, there has also been much speculation as to who would benefit from Whitney’s estate. VIDEO: A Sneak Peek At Bobbi Kristina’s […]

There’s no question that Oprah Winfrey has had an impact on almost every American’s life, whether they watched her show or not. VIDEO: Sneek Peek of Oprah’s Interview With Bobbi Kristina From working with dozens of different charities, to bringing us closer to some of our favorite celebrities, she has done so much and changed […]

Bobbi Kristina isn’t sitting down with Oprah for the love of money, but rather because the talk show host has always shown her love.  VIDEO: Sneak Peek Of Oprah’s Interview With Bobbi Kristina Bobbi K is telling her friends that Oprah “was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her […]

Bobbi Kristina shares her side of the story with Oprah Winfrey in a new interview. DETAILS: Got ‘Em! N.J. Funeral Home Knows Who Took Whitney Houston Death Photos The 18-year-old daughter of the late Whitney Houston is ready to speak out. In an all new interview with talk show host and media mogul Oprah, Bobbi Kristina […]

Bobbi Kristina Brown is ready to set the record straight about mom Whitney Houston. VIDEO: Bobby Brown’s Sister Has Some Choice Words About Whitney  USA Today reports that the 18-year old only child of the late Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown is scheduled to make an appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter for an exclusive interview with […]

Bobby Brown has been the center of some backlash surrounding the death of his ex wife, Whitney Houston but his sister is coming to his defense. His sibling, Leolah Brown recently sat down with Access Hollywood and says her brother is not to blame for Whitney’s drug abuse and shared her deep concern for her […]

Cissy Houston is on a rampage to clean up Bobbi Kristina‘s life and she’s doing it by changing a lot of the things Whitney Houston put around her child. VIDEO: NJ Funeral Home Says They Know Who Leaked Whitney’s Death Photo The latest thing to be removed is Whitney’s so called secret son, Nick Gordon. […]

Bobbi Kristina may not see a penny from her mother’s label Sony when she goes to cash in Whitney Houston‘s estate.  EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Houston’s Loving Tribute To Robert One label executive “familiar with Sony’s accounting,” said the late singer’s estate probably won’t see any royalty checks from her record label “in our lifetime” — and […]

The infamous death photo of Whitney Houston lying in her casket continues to draw controversy, as it was revealed today by the owner of the Newark, N.J., funeral home that they know who the culprit was that snapped the pic. STORY: Whitney Houston’s Family Outraged By Casket Photo According to the New Jersey Star Ledger, […]

As we’re still getting over the loss of our beloved Whitney Houston new footage of the diva of all divas has been released. Before her death Whitney filmed the movie “Sparkle” and ET has given us a look at some never before seen behind the scenes footage. DETAILS: Whitney Houston’s Secret Son Is NO Secret […]

Whitney Houston‘s family may not be grieving as peacefully as we hoped. According to TMZ the family is very upset and disturbed that a photo of Whitney’s dead body in her casket has surfaced and made it to the front page of the National Enquirer a couple days ago. DETAILS: Whitney Houston Death Photos The […]