It’s April 1st, which means April Fools Day is upon us. A lot of companies have already begun setting up their pranks on social media, so before you find yourself becoming a victim of an online hoax, check out our list of corporate tricksters to watch out for. Sorry guys, there will be no Chocolate […]

Back in December, net neutrality was at stake and parts of the Internet were in a frenzy. However, the question hovering for some was “what the heck is net neutrality?” Net neutrality is the idea that all Internet content — whether from big or small companies — should be treated equally by Internet providers. With net […]

Things are so real in the world today that even a fast food restaurants like Burger King are addressing serious issues like bullying. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, BK outdid themselves with a powerful new ad called the Bullying Jr., that may make you tear up a little. See for yourself:

Would it be too much to ask for a Riley Curry cameo in an Under Armour commercial?


Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke and his fellow officers painted a different narrative of the evening Laquan McDonald was fatally shot, according to the official police report, released Friday evening.

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Images surfaced of Chicago police officers viewing Burger King footage, which reportedly shows the moments before Laquan McDonald's death.

Fast food is great for hangovers, but what if you could get drunk AND eat burgers at the same damn time?

Let's just say, everyone who eats the burger gets a special treat afterwards, and not in the way you'd think.

Burger King just made an offer Kim & Kanye can't refuse & Kylie shared more dope flicks!

Made with real ponies. Seven French supermarket chains have taken frozen beef meals made by Findus and Comigel off the shelves, after discovering foods sold in Europe labeled as beef was actually horsemeat.  DETAILS: Ewww! Burger King Admits That Their Burgers Are Made Of Horsemeat! The scandal has a huge impact on distributors in the […]