cosmetic surgery

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood isn’t holding back when it comes to their on-set secrets. In the Dirty Little Secrets special, the cast is spilling all the tea. Teairra Mari revealed she had work done to her butt. However, according to her and other folks on set, with a new booty comes some […]

A case of cosmetic surgery seemingly did not go well for one mother in the Bronx. Janelle Edwards had just underwent a series of procedures in the Dominican Republic and according to the New York Daily News, they could have led to her death. Edwards was found unconscious in her car on Thursday at 8:10 […]

Oneal Morris has an infamous reputation as the “toxic tush doctor.” This came after news surfaced that she allegedly injected women’s buttocks with tire sealant and cement. Now, Morris is facing time for a fatal incident. Starting in 2007, Morris, who is transgender, injected Shatarka Nuby’s with “silicone” so that her butt could get bigger. A […]

A 19-year-old transgender woman, Symone Marie Jones, tragically died following a silicone buttocks injection back in January. According to WRAL, the procedure was illegally done by Kavonceya Iman Cornelius at Cornelius’ home. Now, the 42-year-old is being charged with second degree murder. Before the procedure, Jones had already undergone breast implant surgery with a licensed doctor in Miami. She traveled […]

Ranika Hall probably thought she was getting routine surgical procedure when she decided to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift. Unfortunately, things turned fatal for her this past Thursday at the Eres Plastic Surgery center in South Florida. Hall, 25, decided to get the Brazilian Butt Lift after her pregnancy left her unhappy with her body. While her […]


Police are on the lookout for a New York woman who posed as a doctor and performed a butt lift surgery resulting in the death of a 34-year-old patient, ABC 7 reports. Kelly Mayhew traveled with her mother from Maryland to Queens, New York over the weekend to get a butt lift. Mayhew, who has had five other similar operations in the […]

There’s a new plastic surgery craze plaguing the streets. That’s right, y’all. We’ve got fake boobs, fake booties and now, this. According to the New York Times, an increasing number of women are consulting with their plastic surgeon about a foot surgery, affectionately called “Cinderella surgery,” that makes wearing even the highest of heels fit like a glove because, priorities. […]

The internet was buzzing today after Spike Lee went on a 7-minute teaching spree about gentrification in New York City, but it seems like these “motherfucking hipsters,” as he called them, are bringing another trend to the forefront: Beard implants. According to DNA info, New York City doctors who specialize in the procedure said they’re seeing a […]

Everyday millions of American women go to sleep worrying about looking too old. We wake up feeling overweight or not curvaceous enough. We buy product after product to change this or that, year after year. This hang-up we have with superficial beauty is no coincidence, nor is it surprising. All our lives, we’ve been pressured […]