Talk about a lack of customer service! PHOTO: Aw Man! The Voice Of Elmo Resigns After 2nd Allegation Of Underage Sex Emerges  A man who walked into a T-Mobile store to complain about his phone bill left with a stab wound last week in Pennsylvania. Reportedly, the 59-year-old T-Mobile customer got into an argument with a […]

The NYPD has once again proved that it is just not willing to accept that being Muslim does not mean you should be suspected of terrorism. STORY: ISLAMOPHOBIA! NYPD Caught Spying On Muslim Students & Reporting To Ray Kelly! New documents gathered and released by the Associated Press show that the NYPD went out of […]

Britney Spears reveals the cover art for her law breaking single “Criminal.”  “Criminal” is slated to be the fourth single off her hit album Femme Fatale.  Britney’s colorful artwork for “Criminal” shows her and her hooded criminal boy toy ice cold in blue and the background red hot.  SNEEK PEEK: Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale Tour […] is reporting that Uncle Rush might putting in work with Victoria Silvstedt via  they even talking about how ‘this explains who’s 5th-Ave pimp-pad Victoria Silvstedt was headed to earlier this week after working out.’  damn. Russ…but, you don’t even live on 5th Avenue… Truth is, Russ isn’t getting a piece of Victoria Silvstedt […]