Eduardo Cruz

<p>To make his last show memorable, Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin joined Conan O&acirc;&euro;&trade;Brien at &acirc;&euro;?The Tonight Show&acirc;&euro;&trade; in a traditional hippie getup. The</p>

<p>After what was a much anticipated and awaited egression by Conan O’ Brien from the platform that once belonged to him on the Tonight Show, the moment finally</p>

<p>A JEALOUS wife, Rajini Narayan, accused of killing her husband by torching his genitals is seeking to broker a plea bargain with prosecutors, a court has heard.</p>

<p>45-year-old famous American actress Rielle Hunter is making headlines, not for some of her acting performances; it&acirc;&euro;&trade;s all about the father of her almost</p>

**VIEWER DISCRETION** Man shoots wife in cold blood.

<p>James Cameron Wife rather ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow gets the rewarding praise from her ex-husband James Cameron along with a Best Director Award</p>

<p>The court heard how 46-year-old electrical engineer Paul Harvey was arguing with 48-year-old American wife Gloria Laguna on topics relating to the man&rsquo;s step-daughter&rsquo;s education and his former wife.</p>

<p>I Think I Love My Wife&rdquo; is a re-make of a 1972 French film &ldquo;L&rsquo;Amour l&rsquo;Apr&egrave;s-Midi&rdquo;. &ldquo;I Think I Love My Wife&rdquo; was filmed back in 2007. &ldquo;I Think I Love My Wife&rdquo; were Kerry Washington</p>

<p>The Tony award victor actress, K. Chenoweth, who is presently springing up a feature established upon the lifetime of D. Springfield, narrated to the E! News</p>


 Former cable TV newsman Dominic Carter was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail for an attempted assault on his wife and was ordered to stay away from her for up to two years. An angry suburban judge called Carter ‘a classic case of a domestic violence abuser’ and ordered him to undergo psychiatric treatment […]

<p>Hannah Teter is a snowboarder from Vermont in the U.S. She is well known for her steady and technical riding in the half pipe. At the Winter Olympic Games in</p>


I hate to write this, but I feel I must.  I hate to discuss morals and ethics when a person has died, but I feel we must.  So, here goes… For the past three weeks Tiger Woods and his wife (maybe soon to be ex-wife) Elin Nordegren have been on the cover of every newspaper […]