What we learned on the set of Taraji P Henson's new film What Men Want

There must be something in Toronto’s water—we’ve got another superstar from the 6 side on our hands. GNA, a.k.a Gina Lee, has been performing for quite some time (fun fact: she played young Nala in The Lion King broadway musical) and now the R&B singer is determined as ever to make her mark on the […]

Olivia Cooke and Tye Sheridan are the stars of Ready Player One which is in theaters today. The actors sat down with Xilla Valentine to discuss making the film and Olivia reveals that she had to tell Tye to wear deodorant. Tye thinks differently.

Lea Robinson is a whole lot of woman. The First Family of Hip Hop star came through to Global Grind and shared the top 5 things we didn’t see from her on TV. Lea says she’s a hilarious girl with a huge heart and she wishes that was showcased more on the show. She also […]

If you don’t know who La’Britney is, you’re sleeping boo. Street savvy, drop dead gorgeous, humble, and talented, the leader of LaNation called in to Global Grind to talk to us about her new single “Actin Funny” and shared so many major keys in the process. From her real-life friendship with Kash Doll to schooling […]

Love & Hip Hop: Miami hit hard, to say the least, but it turns out there were a ton of shenanigans VH1 didn’t show viewers. Good thing we got Gunplay‘s old bae in the building to let us know how a few scenes really went down. From drama involving Trina to some spicy girl-on-girl action, Miami […]

Reality star Bobby Lytes hit the ground running when he put his heart on the line in more ways than one for Love & Hip Hop: Miami. An aspiring artist, he dealt with his boyfriend’s wandering eye on national television, which made him the perfect person to give Global Grind readers some advice on how to navigate a […]

Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman sit down with Xilla Valentine to break down the beef between Killmonger and T’Challa in Black Panther. Chadwick reveals that the audience will be torn between the two characters while Ryan explains what he was going for creating the tension between the them.

It took nearly 7 years, but the project Hugh Jackman is most passionate about is finally here; The Greatest Showman. Jackman continues to prove he’s a triple threat by playing a lovable, kind version of the renowned, controversial P.T. Barnum. The musical was inspired by the story of how Barnum created the Barnum and Bailey […]