flashback friday

If you were wondering how Kourtney Kardashian stays looking so fly throughout her pregnancy, the answer is simple: it’s genetic. The soon-to-be mother of three shared a flashback photo of herself bearing a striking similarity to one her mother, Kris Jenner, took many years before. Both photos showed the reality TV mamas posing nude, baring their big […]

Not only is it #Flashback Friday, but it’s also Bronx femcee Remy Ma’s 34th birthday. Remy Ma has spent the past six birthdays in prison for her involvement in a 2007 shooting, but the “Conceited” rapper is scheduled to be released July 31, 2014 (according to her husband Papoose), so hopefully, this will be her […]

Khloe Kardashian is shutting down any speculation that her booty might be fake… yet again! The youngest of the three Kardashian sisters recently walked down the NBC-Universal Upfronts red karpet with sister Kim Kardashian by her side and onlookers almost couldn’t believe the size of their booties. Both Kim and Khloe shared photos from the […]

Oh, Miss Jackson. During the late ’80s to ’90s, Janet Jackson was effortlessly one of the queens of sexy. She wasn’t afraid to shed her original image as Michael Jackson’s adorable little sister and trade it in for a much hotter one. At the time, she gave us three unforgettable albums: Rhythm Nation, janet., and The […]

“Back in the days when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore. But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.” – Ahmad  It’s #FlashbackFriday again, and this week we’re taking a look back at Mariah Carey when she had long brown curly hair and a vision of love. This morning, the […]

At the end of each week, we find ourselves reliving the good ol’ days in our heads. The days when Tommy didn’t have a job, Urkel was trying to fall in love with Laura, and Hilary Banks was the hottest bougie girl in the world. While we might not have seen them popping up on our […]

How does today feel? Today feels good because it’s Friday (duh!), and well, we’ve spent most of our #FlashbackFriday looking at throwback pictures of D’Angelo…shirtless. It’s been 14 years since the neo soul sex pot released an album, and although his latest release Jazz Café, London: The Complete Show isn’t new, it’s new to fans who didn’t […]

Ever wondered who Baby Bash looks more like? Well, wonder no more! Amber Rose, aka Muva Rosebud, shared an adorable flashback photo that clued us in as to exactly where Sebastian gets his good looks. The photo shows a pigtail-clad Amber kickin’ it on her stoop back in the day. “tbt I see my son […]

Rihanna loves posting photos of herself on Instagram. This might be annoying if it were someone random you used to know in elementary school – but this is RIHANNA. We can’t stop/get enough of looking at this girl. So any new photos she wants to throw our way are more than welcome. For yesterday’s #FlashbackFriday […]