Instead of having your usual dinner for the holidays this year, spice it up and introduce a new cuisine to the menu. There are many unconventional ways to celebrate the holidays from the decor we choose, the gifts we share and the meals we prepare. Try something "new" with these meal ideas for your holiday dinner this year. 

May 15th is the day we celebrate the foodie genius that was Ruth Wakefield.

Twitter brought up a very good question over the weekend—what’s the best way to cut your toast? It led to a hilarious discussion about toast etiquette and we can’t stop laughing. Tweet us your thoughts on the most effective way to cut your toast—from the comments below, it’s pretty safe to say #3 should not […]

Our easy to make Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies are perfect for bae; even if you're your own bae for Valentine’s Day this year. Promise we won’t judge if you eat them all yourself.

The time has come. The bittersweet end to the 2015-2016 football season is almost here, which gives us the perfect excuse to eat whatever we want as we wallow in our feelings. Enter Cheesy Artichoke Bread. This recipe has the perfect amount of cheese, ooey-gooey goodness, and most importantly, CARBS, to make anyone happy. If you are […]

Another year, another attempt from Lay's to introduce strange flavors of potato chips when all we really want are the classics.

If you’re looking for a reason to indulge, today is your day. It’s National Donut Day, which means that it’s the only day of the year when you can eat as many donuts as you want and not feel bad about it. OK, that’s not entirely true. No matter what day it is, you should never […]

Everyone loves a good foodie. And celebrities, they’re just like us – meaning even though they’re under intense pressure to maintain perfect bodies, they still appreciate a delicious meal. In addition to their star power and good looks, these celebs take their style in the kitchen pretty seriously. From Kelis‘ feel-good soul food meals to […]