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The Supreme Court is trying to pass off the big job of issuing a major national ruling on whether gays have a right to marry, instead, suggesting that they could find a way out of the case of California’s ban on same-sex marriage. PHOTOS: If You Don’t Know! Morning News & Politics: Supreme Court Finally Tackles […]

Spread love, it’s the California way? Well, that’s not the lyric, but maybe if it was we wouldn’t be dealing with Proposition 8 right about now. California’s ban on gay marriage made its debut in the Supreme Court today, but justices pretty much punked out on making a decision that could allow same-sex marriages in […]

This week is already proving to be a historic one in Washington D.C., starting today when the Supreme Court heard arguments that could strike down California’s ban on same-sex marriage and recognize the right for everyone to be married. PHOTOS: Equality For All? Supreme Court Doesn’t Rule On Prop 8….Just Yet  The ruling could potentially extend the […]

Rob Portman (R-Ohio) isn’t the only politician making a major stance for marriage equality! DETAILS: The Ol’ Switcheroo! Republican Senator Supports Gay Marriage After Son Comes Out  Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, just released a video sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign where she officially came out to support gay marriage and denounce intolerance for marriage […]

Coming out to friends isn’t so easy, but coming out to parents is even tougher. recently posted a photo to their Facebook page of a letter a father wrote to his gay son who was thinking of how to come out to him in the near future. DETAILS: Hip-Hop Hooray!! Rhode Island Passes Gay Marriage […]

Ohio Senator Rob Portman was vocally against gay marriage. However, after his son Will, a freshman at Yale, came out to him and his wife, he had a change of heart.  “As a congressman, and more recently as a senator, I opposed marriage for same-sex couples,” said Portman. “Then something happened that led me to think […]

A Texas woman faces assault charges for allegedly beating her teenage son with an electrical cord after catching him receiving oral sex from a male cousin.  Erica Moore of Forest Hill, Texas was angered not because incest is despicable, but because homosexuality is not accepted in her household.  Moore said, “When I walked in I […]

Everyone should be able to get married. Everyone! DETAILS: It’s A Miracle! 75 Republicans Say Gay Couples Have A Constitutional Right To Marry!  President Obama wasn’t blowing smoke when he said he will take on the challenge of granting the gay community the right to love who they please and shout it from the roof […]

It’s a miracle! DETAILS: Starting A Movement? Denver Nuggets Star Becomes 1st NBA Player To Support Gay Equality  At least 75 prominent Republicans just signed a legal brief arguing that gay peope have a constitutional right to marry. The stand is now a direct challenge to Speaker John A. Boehner’s position and it also reflects the […]

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders gain another supporter. Denver Nuggets star Kenneth Faried has teamed up with an organization dedicated to fighting against homophobia in sports. Faried is the first, and hopefully not the last, NBA player to join the organization. Super Bowl Champ Brednson Ayanbadejo: “Not A Fight For Gay Rights, A Fight For […]

A 9 to 5 vote on Tuesday by a committee of the state senate showed that the state of Illinois may be well on its way to giving gay couples the right to be married.  With Democrats in favor of the change and Republicans opposed, the state is trying to implement this new law before […]

CNN host Soledad O’Brien had to get rowdy this morning! DETAILS: Scouts Honor! Boy Scouts Of America Considers Dropping Ban On Gay Members  When interviewing Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council about the conservative opposition to keep gay scouts and leaders out of the Boy Scouts, Perkins compared gays to pedophiles. “Why would I let a […]